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So... My first EVER blog entry.  EVER!! I suppose this could go along with Latest News or under Best Practices but I've been told a blog is "different".  I'm 51 years old so not really keen on having to update 15 "different" things like SM, website, VM or whatever but I guess it could be kind of fun but mostly, hopefully, and most importantly...informative.  SO, with that, here's my #1 blog.  I don’t yet know how to make this page interactive with readers so feel free to send replies as a text to:  775-392-3026.  I will read and respond at the end of the day when I’m doing my SM and posting any new cool pictures on FB, Twitter or IG.

CONSUMER AWARENESS:  Yes, we are a FOR PROFIT business.  Full disclosure.  We are VERY good at what we do and have years of experience moving all manner of crazy things.  From regular passenger vehicles, to boats, to aircraft, to military equipment.  Not to say we are "been there done that" because every haul we do is done with the same care and attention as if it was our first load.  That said, we're not the cheapest but we're certainly not the most expensive.  And we remain small enough that when you call, you will either be speaking to me (Allan) personally, the owner and driver, or Michelle (my wife) the book keeper and the one who keeps me legal.  We ARE NOT brokers.  The price we give you is the price you will pay.  No surprises, no call backs requesting more money, no games.  Some brokers have this thing they have been doing lately where they say to you, the shipper, "yeah no problem, we can ship your car from Miami to Seattle for $200" or some crazy price. Yeah right.  If it sounds too good to be is.  A carrier (us), will NEVER agree to ship ANYTHING for typically less than $.65 per loaded mile.  SO, you the client when your planning a move, plan for roughly $.65 a mile (for a regular vehicle mid-size car) from point of pick up to point of drop off.  If a broker says they can do it for less, they will either be calling you back requesting more money OR, the truck that arrives will be driven by who knows who, working for who knows where and may or may not be insured for their OWN vehicle let alone the cargo (YOUR vehicle).  If the truck has some piece of printer paper taped to the door not evenly remotely straight with nothing more than some business name, DOT & MC numbers, I advise AGAINST letting them drive off with your vehicle.  My rational: if they don't take pride enough in their rig to spring for professional vinyl lettering and some sort of logo with extraneous information above and beyond DOT bare minimum such as phone number, some kind of business logo etc... what kind of care do you really expect them to take with your vehicle??

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