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WOW! What a wild ride it's been so far. Gold Anchor Transport is going into our 6th winter. While adding the new pictures from this past summer, we took the opportunity to reflect back on these jobs. Funny to think I remember each and every one of them. I reordered them to show progression in order from when we first started in August 2017 up to just a few days ago. Michelle and Maya (and her ball) are still my anchors. Maya is lying on the floor next to me as I update this. We have moved thousands of units since our humble beginnings with our Ram 3500 and very first trailer, the wedge. We expanded with the flatbed within the first 60 days in business. Then came using my personal 16' enclosed to do 1 at a time enclosed service which quickly became old & VERY inefficient. Enter the 48' enclosed. Loading up and delivering Harley repo's to auction. Also hot rods and various other high end enclosed service including a conspiracy I was very proud to be a part of to surprise a wife with a 40 year anniversary present, the Bentley. I picked it up from Marin County Porsche and delivered it to the son in AZ who had it detailed and put a big red bow on it and parked it in the driveway. All this arranged over the phone with the husband who had the wife literally out to sea on a cruise. When he brought her home....yeah, SURPRISE! The Ford 500GT is quite the story. This gentleman had owned the car 3 times. He kept selling it, had remorse and would buy it back. I think he finally came to the conclusion to keep it. Then came the double deck. Once we became a well-oiled transport machine, the Ram got parked as a backup truck and in came the Volvo as the prime mover for Gold Anchor. Several months later we ordered the Sun Country 5 car Low Pro. We ordered it in Sep 2019 then came Covid. Sun Country had a massive shut down and we couldn’t take delivery until March of 2020. It was well worth the wait. We sold off the flatbed, double deck and wedge as they were obsolete. We largely discontinued enclosed service as it was not cost effective for 2 cars or 15 Harleys at a whack. The Ram however, got "rehomed" to our now partner STE Logistics based out of Gulfport MS. Maya and I miss that truck everyday but new owner and fellow retired Navy Chief & friend of 30+ years Clint Lyons is using her to start his own company (STE). He and the Ram have just completed their 1st year in business with no end in sight. Gold Anchor has transported to every state except Maine, Alaska and Hawaii. I'm working on taking loads to AK but it is a very expensive trip. You either have to pay for the ferry from Seattle to Juneau which is crazy expensive for a tractor trailer OR endure Canadian diesel prices and border tariffs. But we're working on it! All in the name of you, our customers who have made this once dream to start a small business, into a raging reality! Thank you!!


The Fine Art of the Combat Offload

Wrecked vehicle with 3 flat tires and the other one completely missing.  This customer bought it for parts.  It was loaded by forklift on to my top deck ramp specifically for this purpose.  The customer did not have a forklift to offload and the vehicle would not roll off even with gravities assistance so... here is how you motivate a difficult load to get off your trailer!

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